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Vogel Creek Channel Improvement

  • Vogel Creek Channel Improvement
  • Vogel Creek Channel Improvement
  • Vogel Creek Channel Improvement
  • Vogel Creek Channel Improvement
  • Vogel Creek Channel Improvement
  • Vogel Creek Channel Improvement

Project Description:

As a major tributary to White Oak Bayou, the 10-square-mile Vogel Creek watershed, plays a significant role in Houston area drainage. Our team developed a drainage master plan for the tributary that included a plan for 1% (100-year) level of flood protection along the creek. In addition to the master plan, CivilTech led design for channel improvements from White Oak Bayou to Arncliffe Drive, a length of approximately 8,500 feet.

CivilTech was responsible for the preliminary and final design phases. Engineering designs included channel reconstruction, four vehicular bridge replacements, four golf cart bridge replacements, public and private utility relocations, retaining wall and channel transitions. The proposed typical channel section was reexamined during the design phase for a stable bank full condition. To improve the water quality and aquatic life use, the proposed channel section was modified with channel benches and a meandering low-flow channel bottom with ripple ponds to sustain aquatic life. Other professional services included surveying, right-of-way surveys and mapping, geotechnical engineering, tree protection systems, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, environmental permitting, public involvement, bid phase, and construction administration.

For the public involvement, CivilTech produced graphic designs and a visualization video for the public. CivilTech also assisted in the environmental permitting under the USACE Section 404 Permit and TCEQ Section 401 Water Quality Certification. Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling was performed in support of the hydraulic design and also for a submission of a FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR). CivilTech performed the structural designs for the bridge replacements and channel retaining walls, and channel transitions.

Before construction began, Vogel Creek was an average of 70 feet wide and only capable of conveying a storm that had a 50% chance of occurring in any given year. Vogel Creek is now 150-165 feet wide and is expected to be capable of conveying a storm that only has a 1% chance of happening in any given year.

Project Details:
Harris County Flood Control District
Vogel Creek, Texas
Service Provided:
  • Channel reconstruction
  • Four vehicular bridge replacements
  • Four golf cart bridge replacements
  • Public and private utility relocations
  • Retaining wall and channel transitions