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Memorial Drive Paving Improvements

  • Memorial Drive Paving Improvements

Project Description:

For one of the Houston area’s most travelled thoroughfares, CivilTech provided paving and drainage improvements. In addition to being heavily travelled, the roadway is lined with one of the area’s most high-end residential and commercial districts. Our team was responsible for improvements to Memorial Drive between North Kirkwood and North Eldridge Parkway, a length of approximately 2 miles. Project considerations for the four (11-foot-wide) travel lanes included navigating right of way challenges presented by the saturation of retail centers, restaurants, schools, churches, gas stations, apartment complexes, businesses and a large cemetary. This section of the roadway includes 21 cross streets.

Due to the complexity and magnitude of the project and the use of Federal funds for construction, the City of Houston required that the design meet both City of Houston and TxDOT standards. This required a traffic study and impact analysis for both current traffic loading and future projected traffic (2035), a Traffic Access Management Study, a comprehensive Environmental Assessment, and a public meeting to present the proposed schematic design to the general public.

Project Details:
City of Houston
Houston, Texas
Service Provided:
  • Bridge Replacement at Turkey Creek with 3-10’X10’ RCBs
  • Median that allows left turn lanes to facilitate traffic movement
  • Widening of an outside lane, to 15 feet, to accommodate a shared bus lane and a bicycle lane, along with specific intersection improvements for North Eldridge Parkway, Dairy Ashford, and Kirkwood.
  • Relocation of a 24-inch water transmission main
  • 5-Foot Sidewalks, Decorative Street Lighting, and New/Upgraded Traffic Signals