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City of Houston Stormwater Drainage Pre-Engineering Services

  • City of Houston Stormwater Drainage Pre-Engineering Services

Project Description:

CivilTech is performing multiple work authorization projects under the City of Houston Stormwater Drainage Pre-Engineering Services for the City of Houston 5+5 Plan. The 5+5 Plan aims to reduce street flooding, improve mobility, and reduce structural flooding under the Rebuild Houston Program. ReBuild Houston is a voter-initiated and voter approved, “Pay-As-You-Go” long-term program to address our street and drainage infrastructure needs in a systematic, prioritized and objective manner.

ReBuild Houston is a subset of the City’s legacy 5-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) specific to streets and drainage and at the same time is an extension of the CIP providing a 10-year planning process for street and drainage system. This landmark initiative allows the City to pro-actively mitigate the continued degradation of the infrastructure and focus on the areas of highest need, or “worst first.” The goal of Pre-Engineering is to develop specific detail solutions to address the highest need areas. From these solutions, candidate projects are defined with detailed scopes, cost estimates, and benefits for qualification into the City’s CIP.

Project Details:
The City of Houston
Houston, Texas
Service Provided:
  • Project Management
  • Study Coordination
  • Data Collection (Including Site Visits)
  • Review/Processing of Collected Data
  • Drainage System Definition
  • Drainage Area Delineation and Mapping
  • Preliminary Hydrologic Analysis
  • Alternative Drainage Plan Formulation
  • Preliminary Proposed Condition Modeling
  • Pre-Engineering Report Preparation
  • Storm sewer modeling was performed using the City of Houston HouStorm Model, a storm sewer modeling program.