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Posted By: CivilTech News // On: 16 Feb, 2017

Dear CivilTech Engineering, We are writing to express the gratitude of Just4Water for your support this past year in assistance of our organization’s objectives to provide self-sustainable water solutions to developing countries. As a result of your generosity, we are one step closer to accomplishing our goal of creating easier and sustainable access to clean water to communities in El Salvador. Just4Water strives to enrich the lives of both local students and international citizens by advocating a mission that combines academics and selfless service.

This past May, two employees of CivilTech and members of our professional Just4Water chapter traveled to San Julian, El Salvador to build two separate wells for two schools that previously had very limited access to clean water. Over 300 young students attended these schools from neighboring communities, and were required to carry water with them from their home. Some children would walk up to 3 miles across rocky terrain with their heavy jugs of water only to arrive at school tired from their journey. The teachers in the school and families in the area were very receptive and animated for the project and it’s meaning towards the better quality of life and education for the students. The need for a safer and closer water source in this area was vital to both the health and education for these children.

In addition to the wells that were built over the summer, CivilTech and it’s employees donated funds to provide a Christmas party for the children and elderly from the neighboring communities around San Julian. A total of over 400 students and elderly were able to enjoy a Christmas dinner, games, and presents that otherwise they would not have received. The joy on the community members’ faces was truly radiant, and they were so grateful for the special day together.

The director of the school and community activities in San Julian had a saying “for the poor, the best.” We want to thank CivilTech and its employees for helping provide the best for the community members and children in San Julian. Their lives were truly changed and improved thanks to the unwavering support of CivilTech throughout the year.

Your generosity and support towards Just4Water continues to encourage us to follow our aspirations of helping others on an international scale. Our dedication to providing self- sustainable and economical water solutions for developing nations would not be successful without you. It is with your support that we are able to provide a clean water source to communities in Latin America and continue changing lives. We are excited for upcoming years and to continue working with CivilTech Engineering and its employees to bring an easier access to clean water across the world.


Anita Vinjamuri & Victoria Vratil Texas A&M Just4Water President & Advisor