CivilTech Conducts Bridge Scour Analyses Across Texas

CivilTech Conducts Bridge Scour Analyses Across Texas

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April 2018 – CivilTech Engineering, Inc. ramps up for various bridge scour analyses projects across Texas to address the structural integrity of some of the state’s most important roadways.

Currently, CivilTech is working on the Odessa Bridge Scour, a Texas Department of Transportation Odessa District project, using the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) standards for the bridges. As part of CivilTech’s findings, a scour report for each specified bridge will be written, including a summary of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling performed, and the inputs to and results from the scour analysis. Additional bridge scour analyses will be conducted by CivilTech for different projects later this year.

Scour is the engineering term for the erosion of soil surrounding a bridge foundation such as piers and abutments. Bridge scour occurs when fast-moving water around a bridge removes sediment from around the bridge foundation, leaving behind scour holes. These holes, in turn, can seriously compromise the bridge’s integrity.

Highway bridge failures caused by scour and stream instability account for most of the bridge failures in the United States. The most common cause of bridge failures is from floods scouring bed material surrounding bridge foundations. Bridge scour analyses is an integral service CivilTech provides for its clients.